Moto G4 Bluetooth Failure

Is anyone aware of Moto G4 Bluetooth problems? A week ago the bluetooth stopped detecting devices. Additionally everytime I power the phone off the Bluetooth turns off and has to be turned on manually.


Hi @davidn.uuvwjq ,

I’m sorry that your question has gone unanswered for a couple of days.

This is not normal behavior…unless an app is forcing your bluetooth off…you might be looking at a hardware issue.

If you bought the phone from RW, please submit a help ticket

You may also want to review this document

Return and Replacement Policy

If the phone was bought elsewhere then you will need to contact Motorola directly for warranty service.

Not sure if this is a hardware issue. This happened to my brand new Moto G4 purchased from Amazon at the exact same date! Same exact issue. I did get my to re-pair to my cars audio system but I MUST remember to manually turn on bluetooth when I start the phone in the morning OR ELSE I will not be able to get my BT connected through the car. That is the trick for me, to manually start the bluetooth on the phone THEN start the car to recognize the device! There has to be an issue with an update with the Moto G phone, to much of a coincidence.

The Lenovo discussion board indicates this is a widespread issue

Solved: Bluetooth will NOT let me select “Phone Audio” when connecting to headset/car. - Page 4 - Lenovo Community

The primary workaround that appear to be working for most people is

Disable Bluetooth scanning

Settings -> Location -> Scanning -> Disable “Bluetooth Scanning”

Some have also reported success with clearing data of the Bluetooth Share app

This can be accessed from Settings -> Apps -> (three vertical dots) -> Show System

Tap on “Bluetooth Share” -> Storage -> Clear Data

Same here! For the last week or so, my Moto G4 stopped finding my car and my headphones bluetooth. Driving me crazy. Also bought from Amazon.

I am having the same issue with my Moto X Pure (just purchased a couple weeks ago). I was able to get my bluetooth headphones to work after disabling bluetooth scanning as suggested by Amiti (above) but my Jambox is not pairing and my auto is intermittent, at best.

My MG 4 began having all the issues mentioned in this discussion about 2 weeks ago. I will try some of the workarounds but feel that is all they are - workarounds. Does anyone at Republic really care about this? How long will we have to work-around the problem? My phone is only 2 months old. Will Republic step up to the table and interceded with Motorola and get this issue permanently resolved to help their thousands of users?

I had the same issue with Bluetooth connection. Tried just about everything but the issue persisted until I did the following which solved the connectivity problem: settings>apps>tap on three dots on top right>show system>find Bluetooth app and force stopped it, also clear data and cache, then I turned my cell phone(Moto g4) on Safe Mode and turned the ignition key in my car and waited for connection to make sure the issue wasn’t caused by other app (it didn’t), turned both: ignition and phone off and tried again to make connection and the issue never happened again. It’s been a week since I did it and I’ve not have any more Bluetooth issues. It’s also worth noting that my cell phone is an Amazon Prime and found some info posted by a Senior Moto Agent@ Motorola Support in Lenovo blog that there is some software problems with some of this cell phones, not sure if the software issues extend to all Moto G4s in general or just the Amazon Prime. Hope this solves your Bleutooth connections problems.

I followed amiti’s instructions and was able to get my phone paired to my CRV again. To answer sergiov’s question whether it pertains to other MG4s the answer is yes. I purchased mine directly from Republic. Thanks for everyone’s feedback on this issue. I’m a much safer driver again because I can keep both hands on the steering wheel. I may still be distracted, but not nearly as much as have to drive with one hand on the wheel and one hand holding the phone to my ear.


A Temporary fix it seems.

I just bought my Moto G4 Plus 2 weeks ago while still with Verizon. I’d connected 3 different Bluetooth devices with no issue. Switched to Republic 3 days ago and all Bluetooth connectivity stopped working, the phone would not even recognize that devices were there. As a test I replaced my Verizon SIM card and, Voila’, first device was recognized and paired immediately and when I switched back to the Republic SIM card the connection still worked and when I tried another device, still with the RW SIM, it worked too. Hopefully this helps someone else!

So, 2 days later and while my headphones were still connected they no longer worked as a microphone, nor was I able to use the buttons on the headphones to control media. Under the settings gear tab, the ‘Phone Audio’ box was unchecked and it would not activate when I ticked it. Once again I powered off, removed the R.W. SIM card and rebooted. Once again this worked but this seems to be a temporary fix and needs to be fixed by Republic, as it seems to be their SIM card that is causing the problem. Disassembling my phone to remove the SIM card every few days is very impractical

I have been having the same issue for about 3 weeks now. Don’t want to return phone. I have found a fix but is is annoying. You have to perform a soft reset. Hold power button down until it reboots about 30 seconds “do not press power off”. Once this is done then all Bluetooth connectivity is restored until I turn Bluetooth off again “big battery drain if not necessary”. Then I have to soft reset again. Ford actually gave me the suggestion as I use Bluetooth in my 2016 Escape often. Hope this helps other users and encourages Republic to investigate and correct with next software update.

As a factory unlocked phone… all updates come directly from Motorola/Lenovo…RW does not control the software updates.

If you go on the Lenovo forums you will notice that this is a widespread issue not limited phones on RW 3.0 plans.

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