Moto G4 Bought Through Republic

i have a mot g4+, wife uses tmobile pay as you go plan, will the moto phone work w/ tmobile

The Moto G4+ phone bought from RW is fully unlocked phone and can be used with any provider including T-mobile.

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Hi @frankv.7rdbla and welcome to the Community!

We’d hate to see you leave Republic but understand another option may be a better fit. Out of curiosity, is there something in particular that attracts you to one of T-Mobile’s prepaid plans?

Hi, wife rarely uses phone, likes to call kids from time to time. Tmobile charges .10/minute if I give her 50 minutes it can last he 3 – 6 months. I want to give her my smart phone and get a newer moto. .10/min the only reason I’m w/ tmobile. I will stay w/repub.


Thanx for quick reply.


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