Moto G4 call quality on wifi



What phone do you have?
Moto G4

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Unlimited talk and text, 1GB of data

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includes data

Issue Description

I have been having wifi call quality problems (robotic voices, dead time, etc) for a long time. Different routers have been tried. My main router now is a Linksys that can operate on the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band. There are only about 3 other wifi access points visible around my house. The cell phone is a Moto G4. 100mbs cable modem. Skype works great.

Here is my troubleshooting log:

2018-11-15: For awhile now(years), the phone quality over my WIFI has been very bad. Lots of garbled or robotised voices. When calling someone, I turn off wifi and usually go to the east side of my house to get a cell signal. (there have not been any issues on the cell)
-I tried rebooting the phone into “Safe Mode” while on wifi. This allows apps only installed with the operating system to function.
There was the same amount of interference. (the phone is still working on the 5GHz band)

2018-11-19: I tried taking everything on the network offline except the cell phone and router. The garbled voice was still was there but to a lesser degree. All appliances near the router were turned off. (clock, computer monitor, and computer speakers). The cable modem was moved about 3’ away from the router. None of these items seemed to improve the garbled voice any. I’ve been calling MCI as a test: ■■■■

2018-11-20: Only the 8 core AMD desktop and the cell phone are on the router. The other switches on the network are unplugged. No changes. When I boot the phone into “safe mode”, the garbled audio seems to go away when I call MCI. (safe mode didn’t work after all)
uninstalling apps and rebooting:
-NOled, team viewer, flir camera, Pill reminder. (no change)
-Skype, VLC, wifi file transfer. (no change)
-Sleep pillow, wifi file transfer pro, yahoo mail, thermal camera for flir one. (no change)
-facebook, facebook messenger, mayo clinic, safest call blocker. (no change)
-retried safe mode, MCI phone number had no errors.
-opera and copiliot GPS are the only ones left. Those were force stopped, still had garbled audio
Rebecca was called. The phone was in safe mode, on external power, 2.4 GHz auto channel in the router, and and on a normal priority. There was still garbled, robotic voice at times. I was running pings from the linksys router to the moto G4 during the conversation. The pins got as high as 2.2 seconds. Most were in the 200mS to 300mS range.

The ping times for the moto G4 are typically in the 200mS to 300mS range. An old Ematic, 7", android 4.4 tablet as a ping rate of about 2mS. Note the moto G1 (old phone) also has a 200mS to 300mS ping.
(To get IP addresses: settings -> about tablet -> status) Moto G4 (mostly 130mS to 220mS ping, a few 2mS-3mS pings, one ping at 1.8 seconds) Moto G1 (mostly 120mS to 220mS ping, nothing shorter than 120mS) Ematic, 7" tablet (mostly 2mS-3mS ping, sometimes 100mS-200mS)

Note: I have tried submitting a ticket, but the submit button does nothing.


@mattm.lt8jk2 Please open a ticket, which if you can’t on the ticket form, you can do so by email and ask them to review the issue you’re having as part of Master Ticket 1487537. This is something they’re going to have to help you resolve.


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