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Moto G4
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One of our G4s (we have 2 on plan) was charging on a turbo charger last week, and the cable got very hot.
After unplugging the phone, the charging indicator (lightening bolt over battery indicator) would not go away.
Battery drained faster than ever before during the day.
When we attempted to charge the phone again, this time with a different cable and charger, the phone would not charge at all.
Phone completely depleted the battery.
Nothing will charge it now. Turbo charger, nope. Slow charger, nope. Different cables, nope. Different cable lengths, nope.
We Believe that the cable failure may have damaged the charging circuit.

Any help would be appreciated.


sound like a charging short in the phone
how long have you had it? if under 1 year warranty contact moto
some credit cards give warranty also 1 or more years after mfg. warranty is over
when a short happens there could be more damage to the phone than you think
so this would be if still under warranty you would want a replacement and not a repair…


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