Moto g4 compatibility with other carriers

If I decide a later date to switch to another carrier (at&t, Verizon, Sprint and others) will this moto g4 phone form Republic also work with the other carriers?

Yes, however, just because the phone is unlocked, doesn’t mean the new carrier will support the phone.This can lead to two issues: 1. The carrier won’t allow the phone on their network. 2. They allow the phone on their network, but if you have any issues, customer service won’t help you.

Many carriers have a number checker that will tell you if the phone may be used on their network.

Kind of odd why RW would offer the MOTO G4, which is compatible with T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon would say that especially since RW resells Sprint and T-Mobile service. The Moto G4 should work flawlessly with full RW support with either Sprint or T-Mobile. My issue is with T-Mobile, which has some dead spots in the Colorado Springs area, would the Moto G4 roam with AT&T or just drop out with no service? I didn’t get a straight answer from the previous RW customer service rep!! :o :o

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