Moto G4 connectivity issues

First off, I love Republic. We’ve been with Republic for years - since it was in Beta (that first year was a little painful). So I have no issue with their service. I do have huge issue with my new phone. I’m trying to determine if I got a lemon, if the phone model I purchased is overall a lemon, or if my new phone model doesn’t play well with Republic.

I’m having a lot of connectivity issues with my new Moto G4. I’ve only had it for 2 weeks and I have the latest Republic App and Android OS installed. But it doesn’t effectively search for WiFi like my old MotoX did. Places that I always had WiFi previously, my phone doesn’t detect it. At home, even in line of sight of my gateway, it drops WiFi - it dropped a call yesterday while I was looking my modum and sitting about 18 inches from it (we have NO issues with the internet with any other device in the house - including my husband’s republic wireless phone but he has a different model). Out of line of sight, my signal strength is poor and loses signal and switches to cell often. My old Moto X (gen 1) never had these problems. (I only got a new phone because it finally died.) I took a road trip last week and went hours with no cell signal so Waze was absolutely no help in navigating. Yes, it was WV and KY but I know cell towers exist there - it wasn’t my first trip through that area. And when I did have a signal, it kept dropping (the Waze app pinged every time it dropped it and reconnected because it had to recalculate) going through larger cities (Louisville and Cincinnati). I can’t help but wonder if I got a lemon or if the Moto G4 sucks. I love it for photos and everything that isn’t communication related (which defeats the point of it being a phone). Anyone else having related issues?

I would hate for new Republic customers to get this phone and assume it is a Republic problem if it is a phone problem.

Your coverage issues may be explained by the phone using TMobile’s network and not Sprint. With Sprint, your old phone would roam on Verizon’s network.

As to your WiFi issue, both Bluetooth and WiFi use the same antenna. So if you are using Bluetooth, you might see if turning Bluetooth off helps. If it does, then you may have an app that is using Bluetooth beacons aggressively. Your phone is also due for an operating system upgrade to Nougat, and that may help too.

If you are using any of the Facebook apps, you might see if they are causing any issues by uninstalling them and test.

You can also open a support ticket to see if a Republic Wireless employee has some advice. Use the chat line for faster service. Republic Help

Moto G4 Play from a Moto G1 Not just me then.

I do have a support ticket submitted. Thank you for the response. Why the TMobile network comment? I’m not up to date on what Republic is doing but I thought Republic piggybacked on the Sprint network. Has that changed?

I currently don’t have Bluetooth turned on. I only use it for 1 device on rare occasion and haven’t paired that device with my new phone yet. As for my OS, I am on Marshmallow not yet Nougat - not sure if that one has been rolled out for my phone yet but I’ll double check. Thanks again.

yes the backbone network changed for 3.0 (to a GSM network which is T-Mobile)

I just got my Moto G4 plus and I am having problems with cell signal strength. My Moto G 1’st generation has no issues at all and full signal strength. I have a service ticket in to see if they can help me. So far no luck. Maybe lemon phones as you said.

The G4 3.0 uses RW’s new GSM provider. Have you checked your coverage with these tools?

Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

Thanks for the heads up. Yes, coverage on the T-Mobile system is my problem, not the phone. The nearest T-Mobile tower is more than 5 miles away. No wonder I have no coverage in my area. Guess I’m going to reactivate my old Moto G and send the new phones back. Shame on RW for making the switch. Guess I’ll be looking for a new service provider.

I’m disappointed by this switch too (to TMobile). After some searching, I found info about it here on the website but I certainly never noticed it being shared in the emails sent (this is the first time I’ve been active in the community). RW’s use of Sprint towers is one of the reasons we switched. We knew our Sprint coverage was good. TMobile’s coverage of areas I travel in are lacking. It isn’t great in my town either - the whole area I live in is rated “fair signal - reception outdoors and occasionally indoors”. I saw some info that they are trying to bring things with Sprint up to date to be an option on the new phones but if that doesn’t happen, I’m not sure I will continue with RW and certainly can’t suggest others switch. That makes me sad. I’ll be patient and see how it plays out. But coverage area trumps cost. Paying for a phone that doesn’t work as a phone isn’t worth a cheap bill.

Republic is doing a soft roll out using Sprint. When you order now, their computer selects the best network based on your location, providing the phone is not one of the GSM only ones.

Unfortunately, Republic hasn’t said that they will allow network switches for existing customers. So we will have to wait and see what happens in the next few weeks.

If you are looking for a new provider, the phones are unlocked and in theory can be used with other carriers.

Republic’s coverage tool is quite misleading. Use T-mobile’s tool for a much more realistic view of the coverage in your area. Republic should not even publish this garbage.

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