Moto g4 data but no calls

I’ve got a problem with my G4 that I’m hoping someone can help me with. I’m a long-time republic user and this is my third phone with RW. I’ve had no problems with this phone in the US, but now I’m in Tanzania Africa for 5 months and I have an issue.

I have a sim for the Tanzanian network (Halotel) in the phone and I get good data - “E” or “H”. The hot spot, WhatsApp, browser, etc., all work fine. When I try to make a call, however, I get an error message saying “Cellular network not available for voice calls.” I also get the same message when I try to dial a code (like 14855# or 15088#) to access my account, balance, etc. I can receive SMS texts, but when I send one it shows “sent” but the other person won’t receive it.

What makes it more confusing is every once in a while everything works properly (I’ve been here for two months and it’s worked 2 or 3 times), but then it will stop working and there’s nothing I can do to get it working again for maybe another few weeks. I’ve googled and searched and tried every setting I can find on the phone, with no luck. I can take the sim out and put it in someone else’s phone and it works fine. It’s getting frustrating, especially when my weekly service plan runs out and I can’t dial the code to renew it without borrowing a phone from someone.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Hi @joshuaw.byi12h,

I’m sorry you’re having this experience. Candidly, this may not be the best place to ask why your Moto G4 doesn’t seem to be working properly with a Tanzanian service provider. Your G4 is North American factory unlocked. Have you asked Halotel, specifically, if they support a North American G4 on their network.

Republic no longer modifies the Android operating system on its’ supported 3.0 phones. Republic’s service is enabled by its’ app in addition to a Republic SIM. You might try uninstalling Republic’s 3.0 app to see if that might somehow be interfering with use of your Tanzanian service provider’s SIM. Otherwise, unless another Community member has traveled to Tanzania and used Halotel, the best bet might be to ask the provider you’re paying for service why your phone and their service don’t get along or to see if a different Tanzanian provider would work. The only Community member I know of that has traveled to Tanzania is @soopergenious. Perhaps, he’ll have additional thoughts?

Hey @joshuaw.byi12h,

I’m afraid my experience in Tanzania may not be horribly helpful. I travelled almost two years ago and took with me my Republic Moto X 1st gen. This is a 1.0/2.0 phone that, while not officially “locked,” could not be used on any other carrier due to the custom ROM. As such, my network utilization in Tanzania - at least in the eyes of the Moto X - was entirely WiFi-based (I often tethered the Moto X to an iPhone 5S with a local Vodacom SIM). This arrangement meant that any local calls or texts on the Moto X had to be completed through a 3rd party app, Google Voice in my case, as Republic did not natively support outbound international calling or texting.

Fast forward a couple years and about a month ago I found myself with a Moto G4 in Peru. I really didn’t run into any problems activating it on a local carrier, Claro, and used it extensively for data and occasionally for local calls and texts. Of course, it wouldn’t send or receive calls on Republic (even over WiFi) once I had removed the RW GSM SIM card and installed the local one, but I also didn’t see any of the same headache you reference with messages going poof and disappearing into thin air.

I am thinking one of two things may be going on with your phone: either the phone is unsupported by the carrier or for whatever reason the phone is mixing up residual Republic configuration information with that needed by the new SIM. I travel a fairly decent bit internationally and while by no means a scientific study, have never run into the issue of an unlocked GSM-compatible phone not being supported by a local carrier. By no means is it impossible, I just haven’t run in to that yet. Regardless, even if the G4 N. America Unlocked is known to have issues on the local carrier these likely are not well documented.

I think it’s far more likely that you’re running in to some messiness associated with residual RW information causing problems with the local sim configuration. As @rolandh recommended, the first thing I’d recommend you do to try and combat this would be to uninstall the Republic app and restart the phone. Verify everything in Settings>Wireless & networks> Cellular networks makes sense; most everything should be set to automagic or it’s equivalent. If you’re able to go to a Halotel store (not just one of the recharge booths) it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have them look over the settings for you. Just be careful, in my experience at Claro in Tanzania (as well as at other similar establishments in Ghana on a prior trip), the prices changed from minute to minute and there was definitely a premium for foreigners (which can be gotten rid of with a bit of negotiating). If you’re still running into headache, I’d recommend a factory reset of the phone. This is a bit of a pain because of the time required to backup and restore everything but if there is in fact old RW information causing your issue this will almost certainly get rid of it. The other option (which could be tried at any point in this process) would of course be to purchase a Vodacom or other SIM (or borrow one) and see if it works properly on your phone.

Sorry for the thesis-length response and please let us know if you end up having any joy in getting it activated. I know that’s a lot of not-entirely-organized information - I’m running on fumes with about 50 lb of work on my desk to finish by tomorrow noon - so please let me know if there’s anything that doesn’t quite add up or you want me to do a better job explaining!

rolandh and soopergenious, thanks so much for the replies.

I had a feeling this might not be the best place to ask the question, but I honestly wasn’t sure where else to go. I’m 50 kilometers from the middle of nowhere here in TZ, so trying to find a Halotel store is near impossible. Iringa might have one, but that’s 2 hrs away. And if not in Iringa it would mean a 11 hr trip to Dar Es Salaam. … so just trying to figure out what I can on my own.

I had a feeling that there was a chance that the RW app might be interfering, so I tried to uninstall it, but it came bundled on the phone so it won’t uninstall. Am I missing something?

If all else fails, I’ll consider the factory reset option, but of course that’s a last resort due to the time required to restore everything.

Thanks again for taking the time to explain. Let me know if you know a way to uninstall the RW app.

Hi @joshuaw.byi12h,

Given your unique circumstances, we are happy to do what we can but I fear it may not be enough.

You’re not missing anything regarding the Republic app. It is indeed installed as a shim (stub app) and is part of the system image on your Moto G4. You won’t be able to completely remove the shim (even a factory reset won’t entirely remove it though it would hide it). You should, however, still be able to uninstall any app updates and disable it. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest doing so, then restarting the phone to see if that helps.

If disabling Republic’s 3.0 app doesn’t sort things, carrier settings for Halotel, theoretically, should have been downloaded to your phone when you first inserted the Halotel SIM and restarted the phone or Halotel should have provided information to manually set those.

With the Halotel SIM in the phone at Settings -> More -> Cellular networks ->Access Point Names; what are your options? Additionally, at Settings -> More -> Cellular networks -> Preferred network type; what are your options? Finally, at Settings -> More -> Cellular networks -> Network operators; what are your options?

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of response. It’s been busy here, not to mention really spotty internet coverage.

Just wanted to give an update. I tried “deleting” the RW app, with no success. However it does seem to be working a little better. Texting works consistently. Calling does not work, neither does dialing the USSD codes. I just get the message “cellular network not available for voice calls”. The pattern seems to be that after a restart it does NOT work, but give it a few days and if starts working. If I restart it it will stop working again.

I’ve checked my APNs, preferred networks, and all that good stuff. I can’t seem to see anything out of order. My next step is go through all the settings when it’s not working and compare with when it is working and see if there are any differences.

I’ll keep you updated. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome.

Hey @joshuaw.byi12h! Nice to hear that at very least texting is working consistently.

I was in the process of typing up a couple of suggestions but in trying to confirm a couple things bumped in to this: How to Fix “Mobile Network Not Available” Error on Android

It has some good tips and troubleshooting ideas in it-- maybe consider running through some of those when you have a few minutes (and enough internet to access the webpage!).

The symptoms you describe with it only working as desired (and dying on reboot) are interesting and I’ve seen an instance on another phone not terribly unlike what you’re describing. I’ll do some digging to see if I cannot find some more info on that one and give a better answer.

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