Moto G4 Default Messaging App


Hello everyone.
Brand new to Republic, so far Iโ€™m happy I made the switch. Just wish I did it sooner :wink:

Anyway, as the title says, I was wondering if the default messaging app can show missed numbers. I know, I just look up a few inches and can see if I have any new messages, but Iโ€™m old and set in my ways :smiley:

Thank you in advance.


not sure what you are asking for
the Default messing app (android Messages) will show unread messages (missed) in bold on itโ€™s home screen and will keep a running history
if you are looking for missed phone calls this can be found in the dialer app just open it up and move to the recent tab, all misses calls will have a red arrow and connected call will show a green arrow (incoming cal show the arrow pointing down to the left while out going call are up to the right)


My old phone would have a small number pop up on the app itself. I was only wondering if a number could be shown, Iโ€™m kind of used to that. :slight_smile:


OK now I know what your asking
sounds like your old phone was a iPhone or Samsung as this is not a feature of native Android
this can be added via a different Launcher (I get a this feature via the Nova Launcher and Tesla Unread add on )
their may be other apps or launchers that also have this feature
apple as put it natively in their iOS and Samsung as added it to their Touchwiz overlay on Android


I personally use Nova Launcher on my phone. While the Tesla unread plugin can try to pull up a number of missed items, Nova launcher has a function built in to pull the notification icon (or a little dot) next to the home screen icon.


Seriously, Thanks for your post. I learned that I need to be a little more detailed, what phone I might have used it on compared to what I have now, when asking/posting a question. Sorry for any confusion.

Guess I should remember what my writing instructor said; โ€œIf if feels like you are using to many words, but it is making it clearer, you are fine.โ€


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