Moto G4 does not read Sim Card

Hello Republic Community,

I purchased a Moto G4 last week, and when I received it and turned on the phone, it said “NO sim card - Emergency Calls only”. Ive tried updating the phone and taking out the sim card and reinserting it, but without sucsess. Here are some more details:

-When the phone arrived, the nano sim card was already installed in the sim card slot by Republic using the micro adapter.

-I tried inserting my old sim card from my previous phone–the Moto G3–and it did not read that sim card.

-I opened a ticket with Republic, and they sent a new sim card kit–with the various adapters–and I installed the new sim card, but it was not recognized by the device either. I used the nano card with the green micro adapter. I made sure I was inserting it the correct direction/orientation.

Does anyone have any advice? I’ve read on some forums that the adapter can damage the sim card port.

I could really use some help soon, as I am getting married in 10 days, and really need a working phone.



I am having the same issue and also my phone won’t send texts and the battery is drained in 5 hrs. Help!

I recommend working with support on your help ticket to get this resolved in the quickest manner. If you are not receiving response from support on your ticket, please post your ticket number here and we can ping support on your behalf.

Are you having an activation issue like the OP or are you having issues post-activation?

I am not able to activate the phone, as the Republic activation app prompts me to insert a sim card

Please reply to your original ticket that resulted in them sending you a new SIM card. Also, link this discussion to your ticket so that they can review what you have already noted here.

Hi @stevenr.975wl0,

I see you have a ticket open and our support team has been working with you on this. I’ve reminded the support team of the urgency of your situation. I’d like to ask that you continue to work through the support ticket as this looks like an issue they will need to resolve, and for this particular case, any additional troubleshooting steps that may come from Community could actually confuse the matter or make things worse.

Ok, I will definitely do that. Thanks for your help.

Hi @justinp.lbgs99,

I’ve researched your ticket history and account and am not seeing how you are having “the same issue” happen - I don’t see a recent phone purchase, I don’t see a ticket on your acccount about a SIM card not working, I don’t see a replacement SIM shipped. It’s possible you’ve posted here under a different account than the one you were referring to, so I’m just not seeing all that activity, and if so, please do continue to work in the support ticket for that account.

If you are referring to an issue on a phone in your @justinp.lbgs99 account, please create a separate Discussion here in Community and give us the details of your experience. While we want to be sure you get the help you need, we don’t want to keep causing the OP to receive E-mailed responses or inbox notifications as we work through your issue.

To everyone that gave me assistance/advice,

Thank you, and I appreciate your input. I was able to work with the support team and resolve the issue.


Good to hear you are all set! Enjoy your new phone… I hope it works out well for you.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Best wishes to you!

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