Moto G4 gliches and has to be restarted many times a day


What phone do you have? Moto G4
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? full access

Ever since I have started to use my moto g4 and also the other two moto g4 phones on my account. the phone will glitch and the phone jumps through many apps. While this is happening all we can do is shut the phone down and restart to be able to do anything on the phone. When it was only happening once or twice a day it was tolerable, Now it seems we are restarting 10 to 15 times a day. Does anyone know if this is a known issue and if there is a true fix for the issue.


Your phone is likely defective and if it is, and was purchased less than 12 months ago, you can get it repaired or replaced under warranty.

In order to verify that this is a hardware issue, you’ll need to factory reset the phone. The instructions for performing a factory reset are here: Factory Reset – Republic Help

If after your factory reset, and before you even add back your Google account to the phone, the issue is continuing, you’ll know that it is a hardware issue.

If the phone is NOT having the problem after the restart, go ahead and add back your Google account, but don’t add your apps. If the problem returns and you haven’t added your apps back, this also shown that you have a hardware issue.

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Thank you for the quick response. I have done a factory reset many times on all three of the phones and they still keep doing it. It does seem the issues started after the os updated the first time after we bought the phones.
thank you


If they’re within a year of purchase (and even if they’re not) I would reach out to Motorola:

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Have you ever booted up in Safe Mode to rule out a 3rd party app?


I have and Motorola has walked through it all and are sending me a replacement for it. I am on with them now.

Thank you

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