Moto G4 Goes into Doze and Uses Data


I’ve searched the forums and have not yet found a satisfactory answer to this. After only a minute or two, my Moto G4 goes into Doze or sleep mode and then disconnects from the wifi network (regardless of the network I am connected to). If I am using an app such as Pandora, it begins using cell data, which I’d prefer not to use. I have the setting for “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” set to “Always.”

I have seen that this might be an issue with Nougat, but haven’t been able to confirm. Any ideas?


Check to see if in Settings, Connections, WiFi it is set to keep WiFi on when sleeping.


Yep. As I mentioned in my post, it is set to “Always.” (Settings - Wifi - gear - Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep).


Interesting, I had seen (but can’t find the reference) that later levels of Android would use a shorter time span to stay out of Doze. I am on 7.0 and still consistently see it Doze between 55-60 minutes. What level of OS are you currently at?


I’m on 7.0 as well. I actually don’t know if it technically goes to doze. If I don’t use the screen for a few minutes and then turn it back on, I see the RW arch empty and no wifi connection, and then it almost immediately goes to green and connects to wifi. I check my data usage and notice that it has gone done a few MB.

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That is the indication that I see after the 55-60 min … you could verify using the following

  • Leave face up for 10 min, then without touching the phone call it from another phone and note if it comes in on Cell or WiFi
    • With RW App Settings/Advanced I have ‘Handover to WiFi when appropriate’ :solved: so I see it hand the incoming cell call over to WiFi in 45 seconds

I see that it is not doze. The phone just switched to cell from WiFi. I touched the empty arch on it had this message that “power saving mode” was on. I went to setting - battery - battery saver, and made sure it was set to off, which it is. So, I’m not sure why it’s going to power saving mode when that mode is turned off.


There seems to be a lot of ‘don’t quite work rights’ around the whole Doze concept. Example apps that have not be Optimized for Battery usage (like Republic) still don’t seem to be exempt from doze, times to initiate doze seem to vary, yet the Android docs don’t seem to reflect what users are reporting
Not sure of any recommendations at this time …sorry


No worries. Not totally unexpected. I’ll live with it for now. Hopefully future updates to Android will take care of the problem. Thanks for taking the time!


Does factory reset help?

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