Moto G4 got locked

I woke up this morning to find my moto g4 not responding, I tried to reboot the screen said oem locked, it is in the same situation as the moto e that I have replace. buy this phone only last December from Best Buy. Republic did you make a mistake decommisioning my phone I am paying my bills?

Hi @benl.4ivaft,

You’ve posted your question to Republic’s Community forum. Most of us here are fellow members doing their best to help other members. We will not be able to speak for Republic on an account specific issue if that’s what this is.

If you wish direct support from Republic, you’ll want to raise a help ticket here: Republic Help. I would point out OEM is an acronym for original equipment manufacturer, which is Motorola not Republic.

I’ve not seen this particular issue in Community before, however, perhaps if you were to post a screenshot of what you see, someone in Community might provide further insight?

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