Moto G4 has no sound other than static - and not always that


I’ve been using a Moto G4 for almost a year now. I’ve liked it for the most part.

About a week ago, I heard a loud static sound - crackling and popping - for no apparent reason. About two days ago, all audio stopped playing - no speaker phone, no normal sounds, no alarms, etc. Now it comes and goes - but most of the time I only hear a loud static sound, if I hear anything at all.

Does anybody know if these Moto G4 phones have a warranty of any kind? I can’t seem to find anything definite.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @Joske!

The Moto G4 does have a warranty. It is a one year warranty. You can get warranty service either by requesting service at Motorola or opening a help ticket with Republic. In my opinion, Republic will probably end up being the faster and friendlier option :wink: .

Although this does sound hardware related, have you tried running your phone in safe mode to see if it fixes anything?



Thanks for the help mb2x!

I have tried booting in safe mode. The issue is still intermittent.


Ok. Do you happen to know if you have the Motorola help app installed? If you do, open it up and go to “fix” and then tap “speaker”. Not exactly sure what help is there (as I don’t own a G4), but I think it’s worth a shot!


The speakers fail the test.

How do I open a support ticket with Republic? I’m having a hard time navigating this website.

EDIT: Nevermind. I found it.


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