Moto G4+ has static instead of sound after update


My wife tells me she got a Republic update on her G4+ this morning. I don’t know what kind of update it was, but it asked her about changing her phone number and she had to reboot. At any rate, since that time her phone doesn’t play any sounds through the speaker – only static.

Does anyone have any insight into what kind of update this was, or why the sound is messed up?


Hi @steved.c0g0jo,

There is a Republic Wireless app rolling out now, and if your wife’s phone received it, the Republic Wireless app will show version 3.24.

However, it does not push any kind of notification about changing a phone number, nor does it require a reboot.

Sometimes when rebooting the phone, if Wi-Fi was off, it will indicate that Republic Wireless updated the Wi-Fi setting - to let you know Wi-Fi has been turned back on. I wonder if that’s what she saw?

I can’t think of any reason that would have caused the phone to play only static. Have you tried rebooting since then, and have you cleared the cache? Clearing the Cache – Republic Help


She isn’t on 3.24 yet. I not only wiped cache but did a factory reset - still electronic static sounds, so I’m thinking it’s a hardware issue at this point. :frowning: Thanks for your help.


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