Moto G4 has stopped working

My Moto G4 phone has suddenly stopped working. When I plug it in, it flashe the battery charge symbol or the Moto logo. I tried holding the power button in for 4 minutes. Nothing. I read a suggestion to take the battery out and reinsert. How do I do that? Any other suggestions?

Hi @annak.km1tvy

Are you saying that after holding the power button down (4min) that it boots up until the Moto logo then stops?
Looking online it does not look like you can get into a safe mode from that point either.

So unless someone pops on the board and has another suggestion, here is a link to a video of removing a G4 battery:
Remove Moto G4 Battery

If you go this route, it will not be necessary to “remove” the battery. Just unhooking its connector from the motherboard should do it and then reattach it. (It’s at the 50sec mark in the video)

Hope this helps!

I will note only the Moto G4 Play has a customer removable battery (for phones without the removable battery the holding the power button for 2 minutes is a hard reset that simulates the battery disconnect

Thank You!!

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