Moto G4, Moto E4, Moto E5 Play, voicemail gives a busy signal about 80% of the time


This is my 3rd Moto phone in about 3 or 4 years. I have never received a notification that I have voicemail, not in ANY form. Also when I check voicemail I get a busy signal about 80 to 90% of the time. I know voicemail is working because I can get into it 10% of the time. My outgoing message is working fine. I use Drupe as my dialer but only started using it with E4 and E5 play. Did not use it on my G4, but still same problem.


Hi @davidm.70dx4f,

I’m not particularly familiar with the dialer app you reference. As a starting point, how are you trying to access voicemail. Is it one of the methods as described by Republic here: How to Access Your Voicemail – Republic Help?


I access voicemail through the dialer, Drupe. I will try to use another dialer and read the article you sent. Thank you!


OK, that worked, getting to voicemail by pressing and holding 1. That problem solved but doesn’t explain why I could get to it 10 or 15% of the time by pressing “voicemail” on the contact list. Now I need to find out why I have NEVER received a notification that I have a voicemail message.


I would guess that since you are using a third party dialer app, and not the stock Phone app, that is the reason. If there are settings within that app regarding voice-mail notifications, then those may need adjusting. It may also be the case that that third party app does not support VM notifications from Republic’s system.

You could disable the Drupe app, and set the stock Phone app as the default. If you get notifications of VM then, it most likely is an app issue.

You could also check the system notification settings/permissions for each app to see if has the proper notification display permission enabled for each app.


Thank you, will try that.


Went into my voicemail settings and it has a different phone number for my voicemail. Could this be why I don’t ever get notifications? The number is■■■■


With Republic, it’s normal for the voicemail number to be different from your Republic phone number.


Hi @davidm.70dx4f,

Has the problem with not getting notifications continued after changing to the stock dialer?

If so, it could be that the Wi-Fi network where you spend most of your time has blocked a messaging protocol called MQTT. If this is the case you’ll also fail to receive text messages that include pictures. Do you have a friend who could text you a picture while you’re on the Wi-Fi network where you spend most of your day and see if it arrives?


I don’t have any problems receiving photos when I am connect to Wi-Fi. I’m not sure if the problem is solved or not because I haven’t gotten any voicemail yet. Thanks!

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Hi @davidm.70dx4f

If you’re still having an issue with not seeing a voicemail notification, you might check these setting (different phone but I’m thinking the phone app is the same):

See if you start getting this notification:


Is the “getting a busy signal 80% of the time” still happening once you dropped Drupe and went to the stock dialer?

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@davidm.70dx4f Are you still experiencing this issue?


No, everything is fine now. Thanks!

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