MOto G4, moving pictures to SD card

When I had the moto G3, it would automatically move photos to my SD card. Does anyone know if the moto G4 has this capability and/or if there is any way to move my photos from the phone to the SD card? Thanks

From Using an SD card - Moto G Plus (4th Gen.) :

Using your card as ‘Portable Storage’

  • Through the Motorola camera application settings, you can select the default storage for pictures and movies captured through the Motorola camera app. Third party camera might not offer this option.

From Using the camera - Moto G Plus (4th Gen.) :

Adjust advanced settings

Swipe right to change these camera settings:

  • Shutter Sound: Turn sound on or off.
  • Storage: Specify where new photos or videos are stored.
  • Quick capture: Enable/disable Twist to open gesture.
  • Location: Turn geo-tags on or off.
  • Photo size (rear camera): Adjust file size and dimensions.
  • Tap anywhere to capture: Touch anywhere on Camera to take pictures instead of Image.

Not sure what the G4’s offer … but Moto’s Device Help (big blue ? mark) offers a lot of device specific help

Here is a screenshot of the level of help found on my Moto X Pure … under storage (but search works)

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