Moto g4 no cell or LTE service - emergency calls only - WHY IS THIS HAPPENING

Can anyone help me? I have a moto g4 and it is only a month old. I have no LTE service. It does not work over wifi. WHY???

If you haven’t already done so, open a support ticket at the bottom of the help page. Use the chat line if available.

Republic Help

I did open a ticket.

The chat now button is showing that it’s available. Have you tried chatting with support?

Have you restarted the phone? Is the Republic Wireless app up-to-date?

Yes I have restarted it and it is up to date!

While connected to WiFi, open the dialer and dial ##8647## That will reset our settings. Let me know if you get an error.

What does not work over WiFi? Not able to text or call? Do you get an error. We need specifics.

I did open the dialer and dial ##8647## and it said the activation is nearly complete. Power the phone off and back on to finish. I did power it off and back on and still no service. I can’t make calls over the wifi.

Mine went out from 6:30EST to 9:30 EST. It just came back. Phone is new as of 2/10

Mine has been like this since last night. It is really frustrating.

My Moto G4 started doing the same thing a couple of days ago. I think there may be a hiccup with the G4s we’re not being told about. By the way, before someone tells me to open a ticket, the ticket is 1261324.

I’m not dissing Republic Wireless. If we can’t get it fixed, I’ll still be here, even if I have to spring for another phone. For me, Republic Wireless is the only way to go.

You are replying to a very old post the chances are it is unrelated. There are many reasons for the type of issue you are describing since it is a single symptom of many different issues. That can make it appear ubiquitous.

The OP’s issue was that GSM coverage was just not good enough and needed CDMA. That is not an issue with the G4 just a reality of using a different network.

Is there more than one “LTE” cellular network type?

My wife’s Republic Wireless Moto G (3rd generation) switches to LTE
Cellular when wifi is turned off. When I switch the wifi off on my Moto
G4, or am out of range of wifi, it used to go to LTE Cellular, now it
may or may not go, and for the last few days, has been going to
emergency service only.

and, I’m not a cell phone guy. Which is better GSM or CDMA.

Where does it say in the thread that it was a GSM vs CDMA issue?

Fred, I suggest you open a new thread with your issue, but bottom line, your wife and your phone could be on two different networks, explaining the difference in coverage.

Thank you. Will do.

if you want to learn a bit about CDMA vs GSM and LTE see this post CDMA, GSM, LTE

the TL:DR on Republic CDMA is Sprint while GSM is T-Mobile
both the network partners run independent LTE networks (same technology)

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I have just purchased a new Moto G5 activated it yesterday (11/09/2017) which appeared to work fine. However, 4 hours later I have no network if I turn Wi-Fi off. I see “You do not have access to cellular networks. Try to find a WiFi network”. Help ticket created: (1262085). The Moto G5 does not accept the ##8647## command.

Does anyone know if there is there a way to reactivate or reset the cellular connectivity this phone?

Update: through Google search I learned how to update (Settings/Backup and Reset/Network Settings Reset) but that didn’t help. Then I received a message that a new system update was available so I installed it. The update is NPNS25.137-35-5. The system update did not fix my cellular connectivity problem. By the way, my wife’s phone which is a Moto-X 2nd gen does get a cellular signal but not an LTE signal, only 3G.

I’m starting to wonder if this is a Sprint issue…

the correct command is*#*#8647#*#*
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