Moto G4 no coverage in 73044.

I bought a Moto G4 from Amazon and a Republic SIM card. The phone works in 73160 where I am and does not work in 73044. The Republic coverage tool shows that the G4 is supposed to have coverage in 73044. Why am I not seeing this?

your Moto G4 is a BYOD GSM network work address show the Moto G4 as good it is when on the CDMA network (all BYOD are GSM)

Hi @rogerm.vrfxbg,

Our coverage checker includes two results. When I test 73044, first I see the the result based on buying the phone from us. It says, “Good news! We’ve got multiple phones optimized for coverage in your area, 73044.”

Then I see the result for phones bought elsewhere, like yours, “Please note: “Bring your own phone” is not supported for your location at this time.”

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