Moto G4 - No Sim card, emergency calls only


Moto G 4

My Choice 1 gb

My plan includes data

I experienced this same issue one month ago and after jumping through all the hoops I was sent a refurbished G4 phone. All worked great for about a month and here we are back with the exact same problem.
Previously I rebooted. turned off, reset sim card, powered back on. Did the #voip# thing. Factory reset. Waited on a new sim card. Was finally sent a refurbished phone and was back in business after a being down for a long time.

It’s very frustrating to be going through this again. So far I’ve opened a ticket. I’ve rebooted. I’ve done the voip thing. I"ve pulled and re-inserted the sim card. Still can’t make calls. I suspect that when someone is able to get to my support ticked we’ll go back and do the exact same things that didn’t work last time. I’m hoping that there’s somebody here who is a lot smarter than I am and knows how to fix whatever keeps happening.

Thank you,

Jim Clark


I found a 23 page thread here with the solution to what is apparently a widespread problem:

On about page 22 the solution is put a piece of scotch tape on the back of the sim card which forces tighter contact with the reader. It worked perfectly. BTW, this thread started in 2016 and continues today. This begs a number of questions such as why the cheap sim card readers were never addressed in manufacturing process over the years and why nobody on the support team knows anything about this problem. BTW, 20 hours in and no reply to my help ticket. Republic is great when everything works but when there’s a problem I really miss having a store front.


Hi @jimclark,

Thanks for highlighting this DIY solution.

I assure you many of our support team members are aware that something about the design of the tray sometimes prevents the contacts from correctly positioning, and they have a different solution, however we’ve not seen the problem as frequently since the G4 stopped being sold in our online store, so it isn’t top of mind. I will make sure a help article is written, so it is available in our help center for all our members.

I am very sorry that your ticket has gone unanswered for so long. We have had a backlog of tickets this week and have had all available staff (even our CEO) working tickets to try to get our response times back to normal. I apologize that you were impacted by this situation.