Moto g4 no sim card error

I just recently go a Moto g4 from republic wireless. It can with the sim card installed. It worked fine for a while, but then said I had no sim card. I restarted the phone a few times and it recognized that there was a sim, but the error has occured twice more. 3 times now it has decided I don’t have a sim card inserted. I then have to restart it, sometimes more than once, to get it back to working. How do I fix this?

My recommendation would be to turn the phone off and remove the SIM card. Then reseat the SIM card and turn the phone back on to see if there is any improvement. This link should give you directions.

- Insert or remove the SIM card - Moto G Plus (4th Gen.)

The directions are the same for the G4 and the G4 Plus.

Removing and replacing the SIM card didn’t change anything. On start up after doing so it says no SIM card, emergency calls only. Though I have noticed that it usually happens after the phone has been hooked up to the charger, if that makes a difference.

It’s possible the SIM card is faulty or less likely the SIM card reader in your phone is faulty. It’s also possible the whole thing might be a glitch.

If you install this app; SIM Card Details - Android Apps on Google Play, does your phone read the SIM? That is to say is anything listed under SIM Information. To protect your privacy, please don’t share that information as this is a public forum.

In case it’s just a glitch, I also suggest clearing both your phone’s app and Android system caches: Clearing the Cache.

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