Moto G4 no volume using speakerphone

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This phone was new to me about 6 months ago everthing works fine, I am not sure when it started, but now when I put the phone on speaker the volume is barely louder than if I don’t put the speaker phone on. Music plays loudly, ringtones are fine, I can hear my wife’s phone G5, clear across the room when it’s on speaker. I need to still hold it to my ear when mine is on speaker, my hearing is really good. Anyone else have this problem?

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Do you happen to have a case on the phone? Try removing the case and test the speaker again. Speaking of testing… Please look in your App drawer for the Moto Help app. I believe there is a speaker test in there. :slight_smile:

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Yes there is a case, the speaker phone worked fine at one point, but now barely at all… Music play loud from it. I will go and load the moto app, Thank you, bob

Don’t see a moto help app, did find a device help app, but don’t see a speaker test. The speaker works fine on everything except the speaker phone, It’s as if I was able to turn the volume down on that one thing.

“device help” yep you’re in the right place:

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nothing in device help 3.4.8 about sound.

Hi @rjkok - I’ll jump in here since it looks like @SuperT might not be online right now. There have been various updates to Device Help (Previously Moto Help). But every version has some type of hardware tests.

My Moto G6 has Device Help Version 8.3.8. Here’s where the speaker test is located –

Open Device Help>Device diagnosis (Hardware performance tests)>Hardware test>Speaker

Note: look for speaker NOT sound. During the test, a ringtone will play at maximum volume through the speaker.

Can you find anything like this under hardware tests?

Hope this helps. Just tryinog to keep your troubleshooting moving along :grinning:


thanks for the reply, I had to go a round about way to open “device help” the speaker passed the test, heard it well, all sounds come through the speaker just fine, except when I turn on the speakerphone, It is not all that much louder than when the speaker phone is off, All volumes are set at their highest. It almost seems as if there is a separate volume control for the speakerphone, and I somehow turned it way down,

thanks for the reply


I don’t see where any of us have asked you to try this in => Safe Mode, this could help rule out some 3rd party app as the cause of the problem your experiencing


I’ll give it a shot, thank you.

Bob let you know.

don’t really know what happened , but somehow fooling around with it, it came back, thanks for your suggestion.

it finally came back, don’t know what I did

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