Moto G4 not ringing on incoming calls

I’ve searched around here, but don’t seem to find a solid answer. People say my phone doesn’t ring when calling me. It seems to be sporadic and inconsistent. The only thing I see is that I missed a call, or that there is a voicemail, if they bothered to leave one. It’s been happening for more than a month now. Moto G4, Android 7.0, Build NPJ25.93-14. System says it is up to date.

This could be the problem that is discussed in Is your phone losing its WiFi connection while … | The Republic

The discussion is long but contains some user provided ‘workarounds’ that use MacroDroid - Device Automation - Android Apps on Google Play to provide an automatic wake up before the phone goes into hibernate to save battery (approximately 60 minutes idle)

Hi @davidp.uomtcl ,

In your post I’m seeing three different things I’d like to consider carefully as we attempt to understand what’s going on.

People say my phone doesn’t ring when calling me

Does this mean that the people who call you do not hear ringing on their end?

The only thing I see is that I missed a call,

If you are seeing a missed call, then the phone “rang” - the call reached the phone. For some reason you are not hearing it ring. Let’s explore this a bit.

  1. Did you install a custom ringtone? Sometimes the phone loses the path to ringtone and cannot play the audio file when needed.

  2. Do you hear other notifications? It’s possible the phone is set to “Do not disturb” mode which prevents it from making any sounds for notifications.

or that there is a voicemail,

If you have voicemail without a “missed call” notification, then the phone is not receiving the call at all. This can happen if the phone is off, in airplane mode, lacks sufficient signal, or in the situation @jben described above.

The same thing is happening to me. I will get a voicemail notification, but my phone doesn’t ring. People tell me it goes straight to my voicemail when they try to call me, but it only happens sometimes and I think it only happens when I’m at home. I’m thinking it has something to do with the signal. I’m connected to Wifi at my house and I have no other problems. I can make calls, text, use the internet, etc. and sometimes I do receive calls, it’s only sometimes. No, it’s not on airplane mode and do not disturb isn’t on and my ringer is on normal.

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Does this occur only after the phone has sat idle for >1 hour … if so check out update above for a pointer to a possible solution

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