Moto G4 not switching over to cell data once away from wifi

I’m having a problem with my phone switching over to cell data once I’m away from my Wifi. Anybody have any suggestions or help? Thanks in advance !

Do you have the Mobile Data setting enabled in system settings, as well as Data Roaming setting?
Have you tired Refreshing the Republic Activation then rebooting:

I do have both those options turned on. How do I get to the Republic Wireless activation option?

Step 3 in the Help article linked to in previous post.

Ok, I did all that but don’t see any difference. I guess the only real way to test it is when I’m away from my wi-fi.

Do I need to turn off my wi-fi or will the cell data take over once I’m away from it? I’ve never been able to get it to work.

You should leave wifi on so that it will auto connect once your back in range.
You mention you have never gotten it to work?
Do you mean to say that you have never had mobile data access since you activated the phone?
When did you first activate this phone? Do you have a data plan?
Did it ever work on Mobile data at some other location away from your home?
Did you have an older phone before this one that worked on mobile data before?

I ask because the G4 would most likely be on R.W’s GSM partner (Tmobile) and the older phones, on the Refund Plan, used CDMA (Sprint) partner. I may be that you do not have good or any Data Coverage at your location. You can check you SIM card to tell if it is GSM or CDMA.

Do I need to turn off my wi-fi or will the cell data take over once I’m away from it?

If the phone is connected to a wifi network, it will normally not use cell data.
One way to make it switch over is to turn wifi off but under normal usage, all you need to do is walk outside the wifi range and it will switch over automatically.

Which phone and plan do you currently have with Republic?

I have a Moto G4 phone. My plan is My Choice Talk & Text.

No, I’ve never had mobile data access to work since I’ve activated my phone.
I’ve had my phone for a couple years at least.
I have 1GB of data on my phone.
It have never gotten the mobile data to work when I’m not at home.
This is my first smartphone. Before this I had a Tracphone.
I’ve checked with Republic Wireless & it says I have coverage. I live right next to a cell tower. I know someone who lives a block away & she never had a problem with her phone switching between wifi & mobile data.

Are you showing any LTE signal bars when away from wifi?
Is there some icon on it? Like an "X "or a “!” or a “R”?

Could you post your zip code and we can verify the best coverage for either GSM or CDMA in your area?

It shows 3 bars.
It shows a letter R.
My zip code is 54961.

Ah! You are in a Roaming only area. That is what the “R” means on your signal bars. Only talk and text. This is expected for your location and is why you never have had a data connection.

I suggest you Request a CDMA SIM:

RWs: Coverage maps:

I checked your CDMA coverage and you should get Data coverage on R.W’s CDMA Partner. (Which is probably what your neighbor down the block is on.)


Did you purchase your phone directly from Republic Wireless?
(The G4 is an older model now, so I was not around to see it in their store if they did sell it)
If you did, then it should have come with a R.W. SIM card and the Coverage Checker should have determined that your area is best on CDMA partner and thus sent that SIM with the phone. (if purchased after Dec 2016)

If you purchased the phone some where else, and just bought the Bring Your Own Phone SIM kit, then all BYOP phones must first be activated on the GSM SIM, then, if the phone is compatible, you can then request the CDMA SIM.

Just for reference the Moto G4 was one of the first 3.0 phones [July of 2016] and for the first six months all 3.0 phones where GSM only as Republic worked on getting CDMA for 3.0 which became an option in December of 2016

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Yes I purchased my phone directly from Republic Wireless. I don’t understand why the cell data will not work then. So, basically I should get a newer model of phone then? I’f I do I’m afraid that I’ll still be experiencing the same issue.

It’s not the model of phone it the GSM (T-Mobile) coverage that is roaming only in your area [that what the ”R” means and Republic plans do not include roaming data], Republic support can change this to CDMA (Sprint) via a support ticket

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