Moto G4, Nougat System Update failure?

Moto G (4th Gen) Nougat System Update failure: I’ve attempted installing the System Update twice. Both times failed. Recovered by wiping the cache partition. Does anyone have any ideas what may be causing the System Update to fail?

It’s a brand new Moto G (4th Gen) purchased (3/24/17) and activated (3/29/17) directly from Republic. Marshmallow works fine. Additional Information: Phone has been encrypted, added a 32GB Kingston SD card. All Apps come from Google Play Store.

I see here that there were some major changes in the Nougat encryption scheme … perhaps this is conflicting with the update?

Can you decrypt then try the update? (these may be dumb questions on my part, as I have zero experience with Android encryption)

jben, Thank you. I have to do a full factory reset to decrypt/unencrypt the phone. I think you may be correct. I’ll give it a try. I was hoping to avoid the reset option. I may settle for Marshmallow for the immediate future.

you may want to try the update with the SD card removed as it was was causing issues for others

Please post back results if you do go ahead with the update … you may not be alone and others may benefit from your efforts

jben, I will. I actually hit the factory reset about 5 minutes ago. I’m either a foolish or masochistic.

drm186, Thank you for the suggestion. I’m currently in the process of a factory reset with the SD card ejected. Much to my surprise the Nougat System Update was waiting for me upon start up. I’ll let you know the results.

**Success! **Factory reset followed by Nougat System Update without SD card. Problem solved!

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