Moto G4 or G4 plus phones


Any clue when any of the Moto G4 or G4 plus will be back in stock?


Hi @scottm.cr169r,

We have a very limited stock of these phones and we are currently targeting Monday, 3/12/18, to make them available in the online store.


Do note, as Motorola no longer produces these, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Phones in stock


These phones are now available, in very limited quantities, in our online store. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

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Thanks for update last night. I was here to report they were just made available after checking during the day. You beat me to it. The G4 Plus 64GB looks like a smokin’ deal at that price.



Why is it we still seem to get the bottom of the barrel phones from Motorola? When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Moto G4 plus still shows out of stock.


Hi @scottm.cr169r,

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. This has nothing to do with barrels from Motorola. We had some inventory available and decided to go ahead and stock out.

This afternoon when I posted to let you know they had been made available, the Moto G4 Plus in black was available. It has apparently sold out, now.


So, in less than 24 hours most of the G4 phones are already gone. “This afternoon when I posted to let you know they had been made available, the Moto G4 Plus in black was available” Sorry some of have to work for a living and can’t keep glued to the forum. I remember when Republic was smaller and actually cared and emailed it’s customers about when phones were available, or on sale. It’s become hit and miss now. You got emails every month about the health of Republic wireless. Now we get the “since your last visit.” Disappointing to say the least. Wait for it, Bosbepus!


So I get the email, phones are back in stock till like the 30th, woo hoo! And financing as an option! Excited? Right? As I’ve commented in the past, you wonder about some of the business decisions they make here, especially who they partner with. In this case affirm. As I’m talking with Bocephous, I pick the phones out, apply for credit, keep in mind no one here would know my credit score, “Affirm can’t approve the loan you requested because we couldn’t verify your identity based on the information we received. You can find more information on our decision XXXX Unfortunately, this decision is final” Huh? 828 at Transunion, 824 at equifax… Let me run the wifes info, there’s got to be a mistake. Huh, same response. . Same credit scores as me too. If affirm can’t verify mine or her “identity” should you be doing business with them? I logged right into experian, took a look, when your credit score is over 800, not much to see but good. Being a member here for next month, for 4 years, you can’t “verify” my identity? So who you decided to partner with, in this case, affirm, and their bad business practice of failing to identify people who don’t only have good, but great credit, costs YOU losing money. When YOU lose money you potentially count on, it effects how you continue to do your pricing in the future. So ultimately, it effects everyone. I explained to affirm I would come here and let everyone know this. Moving forward, in the future, I suggest going with synchronicity. Obviously using affirm effects your bottom line when you lose money. And when you make a statement like “Unfortunately, this decision is final”, All affirm is doing covering up for their incompetency. If you want to continue losing money by using affirm in the future, I’m sure the customers and stock holders will understand. So you lost the sale of 2 moto E4 pluses, shipping, the service increase of being on the grandfathered plan at the $10 a month plan, going to the $15/month plan X 2 phones, so $371 for the phones and shipping, and a extra $120 for a 12 month increase going to the my choice plan, that’s a $491 loss, times all the other people they did this too. And don’t for a minute expect any rational person to think I was the only person this happened too. The ball is in your court now.

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To avoid any confusion by others who have been following this thread, the Moto G4 is not back in stock.

This isn’t a denial of your excellent credit score. This is a factor of offering loans online rather than in person. It is much harder to verify someone’s identity online.

I’ll pass your suggestion along to our billing team. They will consider the feedback in light of the number of successful loans they see processed daily.

As I don’t believe we’ll be changing loan partners during the current promotion on the Moto E4, I don’t see that there’s any specific action we can take to solve this for you. If you have something specific in mind, please let me know.


With my talks over the phone, texts & emails with @scottm.cr169r trying to steer him to his best options. Yes Scott is rational yet put off by the online issues with credit. He has expressed his thoughts on if he can’t get credit how many go uncounted in this process. Being an adult, a homeowner, paying his bills as they come, he knows the ways of business bottom lines and how everything affects price points. RW can and probably is losing profit, sales and plan fees. On top of all that I am betting some former customers have switched because they can’t reasonably get a phone and have jumped ship for a “free” phone from a seedy company I believe isn’t as nice as being with RW.
I myself a 5yr member have saved thousands & Scott has save quite a penny too. He doesn’t want to jump ship. All he wants is to get 2 new phones & join the My Choice plans for maybe another 4yrs or the phones need upgraded again.
I am glad Scott has invested time talking to me about the phones & I have tried every idea to help in purchasing the 2 new phones. Not everyone has liquid cash to get phones & there has to be another way for a 800+ credit score to be accepted. He has this score because he doesn’t have/use credit cards. Scott told me that C cards will somehow stab him in the back so he stays away from them. If there’s no cash available because bills come first he don’t buy it.

Phones have become a necessity in households or he wouldn’t have tried getting credit from Affirm . I am sure these checks on his credit with denials will not hurt but may make a pimple or blemish on his credit.

I figure RW has a contract with Affirm but ask RW to find a solution to Scott’s needs and to not forget about the others this has hindered in their quest for modern phones. RW you say the customers are cared for and are listening to your customers. I do believe you (RW) as I have experienced it myself and have read many posts on how RW has bent over backwards helping to keep customers stay happy with RW for years to come.

I just wish I could help a community friend while promoting products sold in the RW store. Bottom line is a win/win scenario the Kirk fabled Kobayashi Maru.
Thanks for listening!


I would rather use a credit card than Affirm. What I normally do, however, is use PayPal Credit with a retailer that accepts it. In most cases you can get a 6 month term with zero finance charge. Moto credit was even better, but Motorola uses Affirm now.


Yeah it has been mentioned between @scottm.cr169r & myself over this phony phone creditor Affirm.


If they can’t verify anyone’s identity, there would be no check, pimple or blemish to the credit score.

We went for years without offering a financing option. So for those years, 0% of people who needed a financing option had one available. We studied the options and made an intentional choice to do business with Affirm, so now many, many people are able to get financing. We can in no way guarantee that everyone who wants financing will be able to get financing. We cannot sway the financing company’s decision.

I’m always willing to help. There is nothing we can do to change Affirm’s decision. I’ll be glad to talk to @scottm.cr169r by DM to think through some options.

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