Moto g4 photos stopped message

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Moto G4
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Talk and Text
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Just talk and text

Issue Description

Phone is linked to Google Photos, but I noticed it did not transfer all photos, and the video was too large to transfer. I was too busy with newborn twins to deal with it, but now I want to make sure I have all the photos of the babies backed up somewhere. Today I tried to connect USB to my PC to back-up, and got a Photos Stopped message. Not sure if this is a Google issue, or a phone issue, or a data plan issue. Wasn’t able to back anything up. I haven’t installed latest system update, because I was afraid of losing photos. Now I am getting message android.process.acore has stopped. Help!

Hi @Elle007,

Please see if these instructions help you connecting your phone to the PC. This should allow you to drag and drop the data from you phone to your PC.

Then you can update your phone :wink:

Let us know if it helps! :slight_smile:


Here are Google Photos backup instructions:

Thanks so much!! The first instructions worked perfectly (I had seen something similar online, but missing a crucial step). So happy to have those early memories preserved!

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