Moto g4 play cannot turn off voice assist

cannot turn off voice assist…

Hi @bobc.tc7sse

Can you clarify what you mean by “Voice Assist”?. Are you talking about the App Voice Assist or the android “TalkBack” feature?, (Settings>Accessibility>TalkBack), or something completely different.


the talk back was the item I was trying to access…found it at last…thanks for help…

You are most welcome @bobc.tc7sse

Feel free to ask any other questions you may come across.

What is Talkback? I have a Galaxy J7. This is my first smart phone.


Hi @mwc

Talkback is an Accessibility feature located in the Moto settings menu.

" TalkBack provides spoken feedback to help you navigate your phone, describing what screens you are on, what you touch and have been activated and de-activated."

(and will drive you crazy unless you rely on it). :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dear Mr. Ambassador:

I think that’s the formal address for diplomats. And of what republic are you a diplomat. Did you say?

Seriously, thanks for your help, c1tobor. I had a voice on my previous cell phone, a flip-phone, Alcatel through Tracfone (nightmare), telling me how many minutes I had left, how many days, what screen I was on, etc. If I made it silent, the alarm wouldn’t work. I would say unpleasant things about them but that would be bad manners in the Republic forum.

I’m still somewhat confused with my J7 and will certainly be back for more advice.


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