Moto G4 Play Erratic Text Messaging

Moto g 4 Play
Basic plan no data

Lately the phone has been having erratic texting. When I send the first text most of the time it goes thru fairly quickly but slower than I would expect but here is the real problem: If I send a followup text soon after or multiple followup texts they are significantly delayed or even don’t go thru at all. Same issue if someone sends me a text. First one comes thru ok but multiple followup texts from the same person VERY delayed to my phone. Their phone shows it sent. I have checked updates, all good. No settings have changed. No apps added. My wifes phone that she doesn’t use but primarily for txting. No data service on the phone. We have tried turning off wifi but still the same issue. Any help greatly appreciated!

You may want to start by checking you are using one of the supported apps: See Support Doc - SMS (Text Messaging) – Republic Help

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using the messages app that came with andriod. Thanx, any other ideas?

Consider replacing the native app with Republic Anywhere. You can also put it on your PC. Installation links are found below the guy holding the baby at this link:


Excellent! All fixed. I’m not technically savvy with phones and apps so your help is greatly appreciated! Consider me an old (school) type of guy.


Thanks for reporting back. I really like the part that goes on my PC.

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