Moto G4 Play from a Moto G1

Hi all, just want to give my two cents on this upgrade I did. My mom had a G1, a bit long in the tooth, so I got a nice refurbished Moto G4 Play unlocked for a fair price, oh and no ads on the lock screen, no bloatware. 16GB internal storage, 2GB of RAM and a micro SD slot to add more storage if needed. A removable battery, YES! This phone looked like it was brand new!

First off, thanks RW for the extra free SIM card you sent me when we went to the 3.0 plan. I was either going to give it to a coworker or to my mom for this upgrade. Boy what a pain it was getting the SIM card in the slot. You have to use the adapter. If you are a bit confused on the how to, just Youtube " how to install a SIM Moto G4 Play " and the guy shows you how.

The Moto G4 Play compared to the G1, snappy and smooth. The WiFi on the G4 Play really brought in the WiFi signal on my cable provider that offers it to customers who have home service. It’s all over the place where I live. Where the G1 was not able to get a WiFi signal at all, the G4 Play crushes the G1 in the WiFi department.

G1 and 3G network. Man, that signal came in strong with the G1, sure it was just 3G but man, it was everywhere and nice bars. The G4 Play, not doing to good with the 4G LTE network. Now before anyone says " it’s the new network " I have a card up my sleeve. Moto X Pure in the same room, next to the new G4 Play, the Pure had signal with no issues. 2 or 3 bars on the Pure, the G4 Play 1 and maybe none, oh wait, it’s back… ohhh, no it’s not.

So for my mom, I left the G4 Play on WiFi and cell tower signal. While the old G1 I would just leave on cell and not enable WiFi. I noticed when I opened the door and stood up next to the screen door, all was good. Cell signal was not too bad at all anymore. My mom does live in an aluminum sided house.

Other than the low signal strength for cellular network, the phone seems really good. I would say this is a great beginner smartphone. Great for an older person in the family or a very young person who wants a smartphone.


Your mom lives in a faraday cage. Heres information on the issue.


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Yes, it’s not good for bringing in signals. I recall getting her a Mohu Leaf antenna for OTA TV signals. I hung the antenna in the window and it brought in every signal around. Even an FM radio does better near a window in that house. But the G1 and the Moto X Pure does pull in cell signal way better. Not saying the G4 Play is no good at all, just got to sit near a window with that phone if you want cell tower signal. WiFi on the other hand, wow! Nice. It was going from one extreme to another with these two phones. And my mom does not have a wireless router or an AP. She is pulling in the WiFi from the free Optimum WiFi offer… well it’s not really free. My guess is that a neighbor or the fire house has Optimum cable service and they have the wireless router that the cable company provides. I just find it very strange how one phone is better than the other depending on the signal strength. They are truly Yin and Yang.

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