Moto G4 Play nougat update coming yet?


I’ve been reading different articles that say people are finally starting to get the Nougat update for their Moto G4 Plays. Those articles were written just last month (Jan 2018) I was wondering if anyone knows when that update will come to people in the Utah area?


This will explain the release process (controlled by the various manufactures) … Where's My Android Update? Understanding the Update Process
While on that page, you may want to Select the Announcements & News - Member Community Tab top left, then adjust the Tracking (far right) … I keep mine set to image


So far it hasn’t been released in the US yet. It seemed to be rolled out to Brazil, India, Europe and Canada pretty quickly but nothing to UK or US. Good news is I heard of reports in Great Britain the the last week so hopefully that means the US will be very soon


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