Moto G4 play Nougat update?


I was just wondering how the Nougat update is coming along for the Moto G4 play? I heard it was coming out this month (June) but I haven’t received any notifications yet. Has anyone else with this phone gotten it? (United States)


You’ll need to ask Motorola. Republic is utterly and completely uninvolved in the process of updating any of the new unlocked phones.


I did contact Motorola. They said to contact my provider…which is Republic. So I guess I’m kind of stuck.


Contact Motorola again informing them you have the North American Factory Unlocked model

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You’re reached what is known as a highly trained Motorola Representative. They’re training tells them to blame the carrier for every issue they encounter. Of course, in this case, it is ludicrous. Motorola makes only an unlocked version of the phone and NO carrier, no matter where the phone is activated, is involved.

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Just checking in to see whether the update has rolled out to any G4 Play users on the forum. I have not received it yet and tried checking system updates.


I’m not aware of this update yet
I believe once Motorola releases it Republic will post the information in it’s announcement and news sections (they have for other System updates on phones)

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