Moto G4 Play Sim Card Activation

I am trying to activate a Moto G4 Play. The phone says “No Sim Card- Emergency Calls Only”.

I have a nano sim card and have tried putting it underneath (cut angle to the left) the sim card slide/slot, as shown in the instructions. Is the Play nano card compatible? What is the procedure for making the phone detect the sim card? Thanks!

The Moto G4 Play uses the micro sized SIM card.

Hopefully, you didn’t discard the remaining cutouts from the credit card sized SIM card.

You can put the edge back around the nano SIM to make it micro SIM size.

See here for details

SIM Cards

Hi @johns.zxviby,

Based on these instructions, the card size should be micro SIM. Insert or remove the SIM card - Moto G Play (4th Gen.)

If you look for the plastic card that came with the SIM, there should be an micro adapter that you can attach to the nano size card and re-install it.

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