Moto G4 Play Still Available?


Earlier this week, I was on the Republc Site & looking to purchase the Moto G4 Play phone for my mom. At the time, it was in stock & compatible w/my Zip. The last few days, I’ve noticed it was out of stock and today, I don’t even see the phone listed anymore. I found the model #, ordered it elsewhere, & went back on the Republic Site to order a Sim card (in the “Bring Your Own Phone” section). I’m now seeing a message that says the phone isn’t compatible in my area. So, will this phone still work w/Republic? 55904 is my zip. Thanks


Hi @justins.tihavw!

Ok, a few different things here-bear with me.

First, the Moto G4 Play is not available anymore. I know they were running on limited stock with no plans to restock so I think it’s gone for good.

Second, regarding the message, that means that Republic’s GSM partner coverage is not adequate for your location. However, Republic does have a CDMA partner that has better coverage. The SIM that you can buy is only for GSM. Republic does not sell CDMA SIM cards. All that being said, I would go ahead and buy a Republic SIM and see how it work. If your coverage is terrible, you can open a support ticket and Republic agents should be able to move you over to their CDMA partner.

I hope that helps! If any of this is unclear or if you have any additional questions, feel free to ask!



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