Moto G4 Plus Battery Drains while plugged in & occasionally overheats

In the last couple of months our extended family purchased three Moto G4 Plus phones for their rocking specs and great price. We have experienced battery draining issues with two of them. The third has worked very well. All three are running Android 6.0.1. All are on the Republic Wireless network.

So here are the issues we are experiencing:

Battery drains when phone is plugged in

Sometimes (not every time) when the phone is plugged in, the battery charging percentage will drop instead of increasing until the phone is completely dead. This has happened with two phones. We plugged them in at different times with the battery showing 40-10% remaining. This happened with one phone only ever using the original charger, the other phone used an old charger for a Moto G 1st gen model (0.5A 5V - no fast charge), and a wall plug (2.1A 5V - no fast charge).

  1. What causes this and how do we stop it from occurring in the future?

Phone does not charge
Recently one of the phones will not charge no matter where it is plugged in. It is now dead. I followed some instruction to enter fast boot mode. By doing this I was able to charge the phone to 3%. I’m hoping it will charge more, but it is not clear at this point that will happen. Last week, the phone only charged on certain cords, though another Moto G4 would charge on any of the cords.

  1. What could be causing the phone to not charge, and how can we change it?

Phone overheats occasionally while in use

Twice the phone has overheated while in use. One time, the phone was being used (as a phone - go figure), and after about a 20 minute conversation the phone was too hot to hold. The user had to end the call because they could not keep the phone in their hands. The battery drained from about 90% to around 40% during the call. I scoured the phone for unusual apps, settings, etc. The phone had only been used for about two weeks at this time, and the apps were all the same as what was used on their previous Moto X 2nd Gen. I checked android sites for possible apps or settings causing the issue, but cam up with none that were present on the phone.

  1. Why does the phone occasionally overheat, and how do you fix this?

Universal problems?

Are these issues universal or only related to a few phones? Are these problems related to Moto G4’s in particular or has any one had these issues with other Moto phones, or Android phones in general? Perhaps there is a software issue with Android 6.0.1, or it is possible this is a hardware issue isolated to a few models.


Hi @heatherp.i5aw71

In my experience battery charging issues usually can be contributed to a bad charger or cord, but it sounds like you have already eliminated that as the culprit. The next most common scenario would be a bad or misbehaving app (the Facebook app has some notoriety for this).

I would suggest Clearing the Cache and then running a phone in Safe Mode to see if the problem persists, if not, most likely a software issue.

You mentioned one phone will only charge with certain cords and that sometimes the phone still loses charge when plugged-in. Those two mentions made me think of my granddaughter who texts incessantly while her phone is plugged in. She has gone through about 10 cords so far because when the phone in constantly in motion while connected to a charger metal fatigue sets in and the cord breaks inside the insulation. You can’t see the break because the insulation covers it.

It is also significant that the longer cords will charge more slowly than the short cords because less voltage is dropped along the cord. This explains why the phones don’t come with a long cord. On Amazon you can find some short cords with thicker wires. Micro USB Cable, Vakoo Premium High Speed Micro-USB to USB Cable, 2.0 A Male to Micro B Sync and Charging Ca…

While these cords will solve the charging problem they are not immune to the aforementioned metal fatigue problem that results from handling the phone while it is charging.

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