Moto G4 Plus battery problems

What phone do you have? Moto G4 Plus

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Both

Issue Description

I’ve had my phone since August 2016, and the phone has been working beautifully. However, five days ago on Thursday, April 26 2018, I noticed the battery draining rapidly and the phone was warmer than usual. Ever since then, I can’t keep a fully charged phone on for more than just a few hours until the charge is depleted. When the phone is plugged in, it barely gains a charge (but doesn’t deplete). The only way to charge the phone is to either charge it while it’s off or charge it in Safe Mode. Also, the phone is extremely warm when on, even when sitting idle.

I cleared the cache.

When running in Safe Mode, the battery doesn’t drain as rapidly and the phone isn’t warm. Does this mean it’s an app problem? I looked to see which apps were updated on April 26. These include Yahoo Mail, Facebook, and Instagram. I deleted all of those apps and I still have the problem. The other apps that were updated on April 26 are the Republic app, Google Drive, Google Plus, and Google Chrome. Should I try to delete any of those? Should I wait to see if any new app updates fix the problem. As it is, I can pretty much only use it when it’s in Safe Mode.

I should also note that a few days prior, my camera app crashes after I take a single picture (“Camera has stopped”). I then have to reopen the camera app and then it works fine. It also crashes in Safe Mode.


Hello. I posted this question 6 days ago, and I haven’t heard from anyone. My phone is less than two years old. Was working fine, but suddenly my fully charged phone only lasts 6 hours until it’s drained. What do I do? Can I replace the battery?

Hi @capava68,

I’m terribly sorry no one responded.

If the battery does not charge quickly and the phone does not heat up in Safe Mode then you have an app that is abusing the phone’s resources.

When you review the battery’s performance in the Settings app, is there any app that stands out as using a lot of battery power?

Of those you listed, I think I’d try disabling the Google apps (Plus, Chrome, Drive) one by one to see if the behavior continues.

You also might try uninstalling and reinstalling the Republic app, just in case something there didn’t update properly.

The phone does not heat up as much in Safe Mode. So I guess it’s an app problem.

I can’t tell if a particular app stands out when looking at the battery’s performance. Here is the screenshot 38 minutes after I turned on my full charged phone this morning - I had not used it yet and it shows that it has less than 5 hours of battery left.

And these are the screen shots after 4 hours of use (mostly idle):

I uninstalled and reinstalled the Republic app, but that didn’t help. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Google Plus, Google Chrome, and Google Drive. No luck. I guess I need to try other apps (even if they were undated when the problem started).

looking at the History details I see 2 things that stand out
1st the Cellular Network Signal was weak for about 2 hours
the 2nd (and more concerning) is the time awake (some app or process was actively using the phone even though you state the phone was idle

Thanks drm186. I’m not too worried about the weak Cellular Network Signal. I have horrible coverage (but great wifi) at my house, and it hasn’t drained my battery for the year and a half that I’ve had this phone. The trouble started 12 days ago.
However, your concern about the time awake is very troubling. Something is making my phone active while it’s not in use (which probably explains why my phone is always warm). How do I figure this part out???

Hi @capava68

I agree that the phone appears to be ‘awake’ most of the time and most likely the cause of the battery drain. That said, determining what is doing it is a bit harder to diagnose.

Since you state it began about 12 days prior, can you recall any app that were installed or updated around that time?. (Facebook :angry: App for example).

There is an app called Wakelock Detector but it requires ROOT. They also have a Wakelock Detector (Lite) that does not require root, but has a semi-technical workaround. Doesn’t look that hard, but not sure if your comfortable with that sort of thing. If not, maybe you know someone that is?.

You could try a Battery monitor app like Accubattery that might give some insight, and of course there is always the FDR (Factory Reset) and reinstall apps one-by-one to find the culprit, as a last resort.

There may be other solutions that I am not aware of, maybe someone else has some ideas.

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After deleting a few apps each day to see if a stray app was draining my battery, I finally found success. Yesterday, I deleted the remaining 10 third-party apps. I no longer have the battery draining problem. I’m taking a guess that it was most likely the Outlook app that I was using for work email. I’ve now added my work email account to the GMail app that was pre-loaded on my phone. Seems to be working okay.

So now I’ll reload one app at a time, wait a few hours, and I’ll keep adding my previous apps unless I hit the problem again.

Thank you to all who responded.

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