Moto G4 Plus Bluetooth Fails to Reconnect with Paired Devices

I am having ongoing problem with my Moto G4+ (Android 6.0.1) with Bluetooth failing to re-connect to a paired device. I have this problem on two different Moto B4+ phones, mine and my wife’s, re-connecting to our respective cars, one a VW Jetta, the other a Nissan Frontier. They are paired properly and all is well right after pairing. But when trying to re-connect later, the phones find the car bluetooth devices, but there is just have an endless spinning icon saying “connecting”. Both phones require a reboot each and every time in order to re-connect to the cars. The same problem also exists when trying to re-connect to another device, i.e Bose headset. I have tried unpairing and repairing, but the problem persists. It will pair and work fine, but later it will fail to re-connect.
I really like these phones, except for this very annoying issue. I’ve never had a bluetooth problem with my Samsung phones.

See this thread for some suggestions and workarounds

Moto G4 Bluetooth Failure

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