Moto G4 Plus call quality


My Moto G4 Plus started having call quality problems about 3 months ago. The call connection sounds like a very poor quality VOIP phone with distorted voice and missing words during the call. Sometimes it is almost impossible to have a conversation because it is doing this every couple seconds, other times it is more like every 10 seconds. For all other uses the phone seems to work just as before the problem started.

I have a Moto G4 Plus running Android 7.

My Plan is: My Choice + 1 GB


This can be caused by an app consuming the phone’s resources during a call, especially if the problem occurs on both cell and WiFi. To find out, make a test call in Safe Mode.



Yes, I put the phone in safe mode and now my calls seem to be fine now. The problem occurs both in WiFi and Cell as you assumed. Any suggestions on how to figure out which app is the problem?




When I’ve done this I delete half of the suspects, then half again, and then half again. Thankfully they are easy to uninstall and reinstall.


Hi @Profile50,

Your issue needs to be solved by our Help team. Please open a ticket, explain the call quality issue and ask that it be investigated as part of master ticket 1487537.


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