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Have a G4+ and can’t find a case that fits. Lots of ads claiming the G4 case is identical to G4+ but audio socket is different as are power and volume and the G4+ is slightly larger so some cases are too small to take the phone.

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My daughter ordered her last one from and is happy with the HYS16.

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Are you sure about the differences? Motorola specs show literally the exact same measurements on both (153 x 76.6 x 9.8mm) Are you sure you weren’t getting Moto G4 Play cases?

Hi @rogerm.0axklw,

I’m wondering if perhaps the phone you’re trying to find a case for is the E4+? It is slightly larger than the G4 and has different button placement.

Please take a look in the phone’s settings menu under “About phone” and “Hardware information” and see if you can determine what the phone’s model number is.

If it’s the Moto E4+, the old Community Treasure Chest appears to have a black Incipio Octane for the E4+ (customer-returned, like-new) that I could send you as our gift.

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Does anyone make a soft cover for the Moto e4+?
Republic web site revies says the E4 and E4+ are same size except screen size. The sellers of covers on ebay and Amazon keep advertising that the E4 and E4+ are “Identical” but this is not true.
Button placement is different. Audio plug location is different even the external size of the E4+ is slightly larger than the E4 so the E4 covers I have tried do not completely “seat” around the phone. I have measured the phones and they are different. Only slightly but enough to make the E4 covers not fit the E4+

Does anyone make a soft cover that properly fits the E4+?
Why doesn’t Republic know the two phones are different size?

Hi @rogerm.0axklw,

I’ve moved your question into your previous topic because I think you are asking the same thing, but are possibly confused about what phone you need a case for.

When you last wrote to us, you were asking a very similar question about the Moto G4 cases.

I’m pretty sure the E4 and E4+ cases on our website are the right ones for the phones.

When I last replied to you, I offered to send you a cover.

Please log into your account at and see what the phone model is for the phone you are trying to protect.

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