Moto G4 plus discharging too often now

**I have been w/RW about 6 yrs. Now MY newest phone is loosing power faster, do you have a phone I can change batteries when they will not hold a charge long as normal. I have a MOTO G4 Plus–cannot change to fresh battery. Help! PLEASE TELL ME A PHONE I CAN USE IN MY AREA 30721 Dalton, GA. This is a major frustration with Republic. If you don’t have changeable batteries what phone outside RW has changability-I think this is a ripoff. Jan Harris **

I need an answer why are you folks always hiding?

Republic has 2 phones with changeable battery (Moto G4 Play, Samsung Galaxy J3) both budget phones

the bigger question is why your Moto G4 Plus is eating the charge so quickly (what are the to consumption item listed in the battery settings ?

We would love to help but this is the public customer forums, where customers help other customers, not they way to get help from Republic. Getting Help from Republic

Typically fast battery drain is caused by an app behaving badly. Check the battery app on the phone and find out what app is showing as the main driver of drain. It is the only way we in the forums and the support team can possibly help.

I also replied to your recent ticket.

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