Moto G4 Plus doesn't see SD Card

I have a 64gb G4+. I also have a 64GB Micro SD SanDisk Ultra Card, appears to be class 10.

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When I put it in the G4+ I’m not seeing it… is there a way this need to be formatted? I supposed 128gb might be overkill… but hey… I have it

If your phone could detect the card but not read it then a dialog with the option to format the card would pop up. Here are some ideas that may help. Stop once the card is seen (and formatted.)

  • Reboot and see if it shows up.
  • Clear the Android System cache. Clearing the Cache
  • See if the card is recognized by another device. Tablets and some laptops may have an SD card slot. If you have a card reader plug that into a computer and see if it shows up. Another phone may work too.
    If it’s not recognized by another device it’s probably defective. If it is recognized by another device then you likely have a hardware defect and will need warranty service.

Hi @charlesk.szw12e

From pages 48, 49 in this PDF document (■■■■redirect/1/filename/US_68018176001a.pdf )

Not sure if this helps or not, just thought I would link it in this thread.

Thanks! I’ve tried the first 2. I just pulled it out of a windows tablet, so I know it works. Im guessing probably formatting. I’ll try slipping it into a SD card converter and put it in my laptop.

Thanks! yeah unfortunately that only works if the device see’s the memory card

Did Windows suggest that it needed to be chkdisked or anything? A filesystem error can sometimes cause a ‘disk’ not to be readable but I think it should still detect it and say there was a problem, possibly offer to format it in the phone.

At any rate since the card works in other devices the next step is to stick a different card in the phone to see if it’s a handset issue. Formatting and re-inserting the same card may be a good test also. I guess I’m anticipating that it won’t see the freshly formatted card.

The problem might be the file system that the SD card is using (even though it should see it anyways). If you right click on it in Windows and format it with the file system being FAT32 it should be recognized by your phone. It could be that it was formatted with exFAT or NTFS, which I have had problems getting my phone to recognize.

I have a 64 GB SD card that looks identical to the one in the original post. It came in a Yi action camera and is exFAT formatted. My phone reads it fine but my computer won’t because it’s a Linux box with no exFAT support. The camera runs Linux too so I know I can compile the needed utilities and modules and install them but haven’t completed that task yet.

But your idea of using FAT32 is very good, it can be read by just about any OS.

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