Moto G4 Plus Freezing and Ghost touch

My phone is now freezing sporadically and is having ghost touch issues. I think they are related. Any suggestions? The phone is 2-3 years old. Tried some simple on line fixes, no go. The phone gets really hot too Could be part of the problem. Is it new phone time or any suggestions on what I can try? Thanks…

Hi @bettyyoungweber and welcome to the Member Community. I am not aware of any permanent solution for the ghost touching.

Some report improvement by setting screen brightness at about 20-25%. Others have had some luck with turning on Adaptive Brightness. Might indeed be time to get a new phone, especially with the battery issue too :grinning:

Here is an document about the Moto G4 Ghost Touch – Republic Help with other steps to try.

I’m sure other Members will jump in if they know of other items to try.

Hello @bettyyoungweber

The Community can help you trouble-shoot your phone if you like.
Suggestions like trying safe mode or the Moto help app can help…

But if I were you, I would make sure the phone was backed up and do a factory reset of the phone.
The below article has resources for backing up:

There is a link to it in this Tip & Trick article for resetting your phone:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Wanted to make sure you also saw this from tips and tricks Reduce occurrence of Moto G4 Ghost/Phantom Touch using MacroDroid .
I had the same issue with my G4plus and the above tip helped. I was also able, about 14 months ago to contact Motorola and they sent me a replacement. They wanted around $120, but after talking with a supervisor I was offered the replacement for $65. Of course you are further out of warranty than I was, but always worth a try.

Thank you!!!

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Appreciate all the help!

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Good job on the new phone discount!!!

It will! Thanks!


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