Moto g4 plus invalid card message


Just bought a new Unlocked moto g4 plus that came with 6 months republic wireless service. When i put sim card in i get a invalid card message. republic sent me another sim card and it does the same thing. Has anyone else had this problem?


Either the card is being placed in the phone incorrectly or the phone has a bad SIM tray. Those are the main two culprits other than getting two bad cards but that is possible but not probable.


Here is link to the Motorola G4+ instructions on SIM card insertion in case you want to check that you already did it right


Was this when initially powered up? After getting the messages did you try to go to the phone’s home screen and open the RW app?

I have seen the same message on more than on occasion in the same situation, dismissed it, opened the RW app and was able to activate the phone normally.


Yes and app says supported phone and press here to buy sim card which came with it. I’ve tried everything and your the first ive seen say you’ve seen invalid card with the moto g4 plus xt 1644. Huge discussion about the phone dropping sim card on a lenovo forum but no mention of republic wireless sims. .I hate to send the phone back as a like it but time for me to get the free 6 months service is running out by the time they send me another phone. After 2 different sim cards and the same message scrolling across the lock screen after boot it’s very likely the phones the problems. i’ve spent to much time trying to figure it out and i’m outta of ideas.


Thanks for your additional info. Mentioned my experience and asked just to make sure nothing simple was missed. Understand about your time spent, have had to do that myself before and it can become frustrating.

Recommend continuing your Support ticket with RW assuming one was opened to get the other SIM. Have you contacted B&H yet about returning the phone for a replacement yet? If so do they require the RW SIM to be returned with the phone?

In the past RW has extended their deadlines for activating promotional service in extenuating circumstances. You may need to coordinated a return/replace with B&H and RW but I imagine there’s a solution for you to get a new phone and keep the service.

Please keep us posted and this is a good place to additional help if needed.

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