Moto G4 Plus is dead after two days


I bought my son the Moto G4 Plus for Christmas, after two days of use, the phone went dead. Now it won’t charge. We have left it plugged into the computer via usb cable, plugged it into the wall over night (btw this is the same cable that came with my phone and it charges mine fine) if I leave it plugged into the computer I can get to the reboot screen (via power button and volume down button) but the android bot never has an exclamation mark. When I enter the power button the select factory mode or recovery mode, it does nothing. I have been in contact with a ticket order but they want me to reboot the old phone to factory setting before I send it in or I’ll be charged. I can’t get it to factory setting which is why I need the replacement phone in the first place. This has to be a lemon phone because my personal phone works just fine. Has anyone else had this issue??

Abd to make things worse…the phone is on backorder…my son is not a happy camper…


Just reply to your service ticket explaining that you can’t factory reset the phone and let us know how they tell you to proceed.


My recommendation would be to explain in the ticket that you aren’t able to factory reset and give the explanation that you just did here. You will have to continue to work within the ticket system to try to resolve your issues.