Moto G4 Plus keeps crashing. Why?

I bought this phone, I believe, in late August of last year. Pretty promptly some minor bugs started showing themselves. I figured these were commonplace smartphone issues that have to be expected with the price-tag of $300. Great price for a fast, functional, smartphone up-to-par with various other Android phones, as well as iPhones, which are generally more expensive. As time went on, however, these issues progressed, they are becoming more and more severe. At least once a day, while using Snapchat, my phone will unexpectedly crash. Sometimes just answering a call will immediately shut my phone down. Also, if I attempt to use my phone while it is charging on a cord other than the one that it came with, the phone will start spazzing out: as in opening apps, bringing up the keyboard, typing on said keyboard, as if someone is frantically tapping the screen with all of their fingers at once. Taking videos also causes the phone to crash sometimes. A lot of these crashes happen when trying to use Snapchat, but I don’t understand why that is the case. Possibly noteworthy is that I have a cracked screen, but that happened only last week, I suppose that might have some impact on my warranty, but these problems have been there since I got the phone, so I don’t believe any correlation exists here. There are other issues, but I think this description is enough to get the point across. If anyone has any similar issues, potential explanations, or advice on what to do, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

The screen running wild is probably caused by a damaged digitizer from when the screen was cracked.

The rest of the problems sound like an app running wild. Facebook and Facebook Messenger a common culprits. Run the phone is Safe Mode for a couple of days and see if the phone misbehaves with just the native apps running. You will still be able to make calls and send/receive messages or browse the 'net.

Safe Mode

Thanks for the advice, I’ll try the safe mode suggestion. I don’t have the Facebook app because I’m aware of how invasive and obtrusive it is on devices. I do have Messenger, just because it’s so inconvenient to not have it installed. I use Facebook to communicate a lot and having to go through the web browser for messaging is a real pain in the ass. Unfortunately, the screen had its tendency to run wild before the screen was cracked, it hasn’t gotten any worse since the screen cracked, it’s stayed consistent. Like I said it only happens when it’s charging. Thanks again, billg.

I solved the Facebook Messenger problem by going to Facebook and turning all the notifications off. I can’t delete the native Facebook from my Samsung S7 but at least I was able to disable it.

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