Moto G4 Plus -- Mirror to TV

Trying to mirror from phone to TCL Roku TV. I’m getting the impression that this phone doesn’t have that capability? If not, is there any kind of work-around to get the images on the phone to show up on the screen?

I don’t think that Screen casting is a feature on G model Moto phones.
You can maybe try a casting app from the Play Store, such as AllCast by clockwork mod.
I have used that in the past and it worked.

We dug my daughter’s old Moto G4 out to try and figure this out. First, I should say the G4 casts with no problem at all to the Chromecasts in our house, using the “Cast” button in the Quicktiles. Now, casting to a Roku is a whole different pot of chicken. Attempting to cast to our Roku from my Pixel 3XL, an Essential PH-1 and the G4 all failed with one of them finding the Roku.

We then went in to the settings on the Roku, to Settings - System - Screen mirroring and noticed that my old LG phone was in there so we tried my wife’s LG V40 and voila, it worked (although Roku doesn’t really cast, it screen mirrors meaning you see the phone screen on the TV screen including icons, swipes, etc. It makes it largely useless for streaming from the phone because of how janky it is).

So bottom line and TL;DR: While Motorola and Google phones include casting, which works with Google Chrome Cast, they don’t support screen mirroring which is what is required for the Roku mirroring.


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