Moto G4 Plus, Moto X or Nexus 5X? Why or why not?

Have had Moto G…tired of it’s limitations. Thinking of upgrading on a slim budget. Need recommendations. Thanks in advance! #motog4plus #motoX #Nexus5X

Hi @laurindab

Just curious if you have the G1 or G3?.

What is more important is that the Moto G phones are on Republics 1.0/2.0 plan(s). The new Moto G4(+), Moto Pure, and the Nexus devices will be on Republic 3.0, with a different pricing structure and is not currently on the Sprint network, but rather a GSM carrier…(which may or may not be better for you, depending on your location).

Republic Wireless 1.0 & Beta Plans

Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund

Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs

I think they are all great phones, depends on what you want. I have a Pure and it is a nice phone, but it is large.

Also…'tis the season…

@laurindab wrote:

“upgrading on a slim budget”

Something to think about here…

Republic Wireless offers 6 months of free service - CNET

Check the T-Mobile coverage before you upgrade:

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

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