Moto G4 Plus Randomly shuts off



I have a Moto G4 Plus, 64G (purchased new from RW in Feb of 2017) that Randomly shuts off.
I am on the Clear Choice Plan with no data included, just talk and text.
I have already cleared the cache, updated all software updates, cleaned up all of my memory (removed all my pictures and videos) and completed a factory reset. When my phone powered back on, the problem still remains. Any other suggestions? Both a fully powered battery and a low battery have the same issue.

When I completed the factory reset, it asked if I wanted to restore my information, which I said “yes”. Should I select “no” and try the reset again?
Thanks for any suggestions!

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Hi @oliviai.zh3icw,

Sorry to hear of the difficulties. You’ve pretty much done that which can be done to rehabilitate your phone. That said, another factory reset and selecting no when Google offers to restore apps and settings is the definitive test, so please give that a shot.

If doing so still fails to restore acceptable behavior to your phone, please raise a help ticket with Republic for an apparent hardware issue.


It sounds like you may have a hardware issue like @rolandh mentioned , but a couple things you might want to try:


I have also tried rebooting in safe mode with the same issue resulting. I will try the full factor reset and see if that helps. Thank you!


If nothing changed in Safe mode, you probably have a faulty phone. Bad battery would be my guess.


Indeed, I agree a hardware issue of some sort is likely involved. Regardless, generally, Motorola requires a factory reset without restoring apps and settings to establish a warranty claim.


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