Moto G4 Plus severe battery drain after Nougat update plus other issues

Is anyone else experiencing this and how do you fix it? My phone would go more than a day without having to charge. Now it can barely make it 7 hours. No additional apps were installed and my usage hasn’t changed. It seems it is using a lot more cell data too. I suspect it might be switching between wireless and cell. Can anyone help me?

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I’m having the same issue. I’ll only last 3 hours, now! It used to last 24. Also, it chews through days at double the rate. Moto g4

  1. Check to see what is using up the battery in the phone settings menu. If it’s an app that you can uninstall and reinstall on Google Play Store, try that.

2… Try clearing the system cache. Clearing the Cache

  1. Factory reset if the clearing the cache doesn’t help any. Factory Reset

Thanks for the response. The battery says it’s got a few percent on display, a few on idle, just as before the update, nothing special. It just runs out faster than it says it does.

I’ve already cleared the cache and reset to factory, no change.

I think I would contact Motorola to see what they have to say. Motorola US | unlocked cell phones & modular smartphones

I have similar issues following the update. I just got a warning I’m at 75% of cell data2/3’s of the way through the billing cycle. I am an extremely lite user of cell data and almost never go over 40 to 50%. My battery life has also plunged. I have noticed on several occasions that the phone has not handed over from cell to wifi even though I’m in a wifi zone I go to every day and am feet away from the router. Republic, please look into this.

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