Moto G4 Plus won't connect to home wifi network

I’ve had my new Moto G4 Plus since Christmas and have an ongoing issue. While at home, it often (almost daily) won’t connect to my home wifi network. It sees it but won’t do anything. If I pull up the wifi settings and click on it, it displays “Connecting” for a second or two, then goes back to ignoring it.

If I restart the phone it will connect just fine for the rest of the day. But I’d rather not have to wait for the phone to restart just so I can use wifi.

I’m on CenturyLink with their Zyxel C1100Z router. I’ve tried changing the broadcasting channel and 1 through 11 all do the same thing. Not sure what else to try. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

A possibility is that the router has SIP ALG Enabled … it needs to be Disabled

Unable to find a direct reference but Network Address Translations or NAT on the C1100Z ZyXEL Modem provides a step by step instruction on how to change NAT (which you don’t want to) … but the screen shot shows SIP ALG … just work your way to the page and in Step 4 select SIP ALG.

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